back on my wheel…

I’ve been hideously sick for a while. One of my workmates came down with something, then gave (coughed all over) it to me and in the same day I managed to give it to 5 other work mates!

Some were hospitalised luckily I wasn’t although I did think I was going to die!!

I was bed bound for 3 days and now almost 3 weeks later we are all still getting over it. I can’t believe I only missed one day of work in that time! ..I must be tough or crazy!

So now I’m hoping this annoying lingering chest cough goes away and life will be better!

I’ve managed to get back to my gym routine and feel like spinning again.

I started spinning the singles for this 2ply handspun just before I got sick, and now it’s finally finished.

I’ve made it with the same fibres I used for the coil art yarn I showed in my last post.

I have one more full bobbin of these fibres as singles and I’ll ply them with another fibre that I’ll start spinning tomorrow…

chat soon xx

under the sea..

Just having fun and making more art yarn style yarns this Easter..

I watched Aquaman for the first time this weekend.. The colours in the movie really inspired me to dig in the stash and make some shell shaped spirals.. Im loving them, might make some more!

Eddie’s yarn

My first yarn for 2019! I really want to keep this yarn but I plan on giving it away as a surprise gift tomorrow to my workmate who wants to knit some woolies for her first grandchild who just happened to be born in December on my birthday!…hes obviously going to be an awesome person like me!..wink wink..

2ply 200g, 246 meters, 11wpi/DK, merino bamboo & shetland fibres.

time to ply!

I spun up these blue green fibres over the weekend. The blue is called Lightening – its 70% merino and 30% bamboo from Cat and Sparrow fibres, the green is called Green Jersey its 100% Shetland from The Shepherds Hut.

I’m making this yarn for a friend at work. I’m hoping it doesn’t have the barber pole effect too much when I ply it.

I also noticed on my Instagram last night that the first yarn I finished on January 1st 2018 was also made with blue and green fibres!

I need to start spinning..and stop buying!..

I’ve turned into the type of spinner that buys all these gorgeous fibres and then doesn’t have enough time on the weekend to ACTUALLY spin them!..

So no more wasting most of my weekend on Instagram..because I spend a heck of a lot of time looking at spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving etc that other fibre artists out there post.

So what did I buy… I bought some gorgeous handdyed fibres from The Shepherds Hut ..some are shetland and some are merino/bamboo..

Love to spin them!