Tour de Fleece 2018

Let the fibre prep begin!😁…it’s too cold to sit outside today and make rolags so inside it is!..getting these ready for #tourdefleece this year that starts July7th. I’ve joined team #kathysfibres on Ravelry because all my stash at the moment is from her..actually most of my yarns I make are.

The fibres consist of white sparkle, finn fleece x a finn x corriedale /romney fleece, some banana silk threads and I’m contemplating mixing in some alpaca I have too..

If I don’t make rolags I might make batts instead?

pics soon!

Happy little vegemite!

I spun up the first lot of rolags on Saturday and I’ll ply this bobbin later this week. Love the colours!

Today after work I bought two new books to help me with my ukulele practice. I’ve been slack and not done as much practice as I should do. By the end of this year I want to be able to play at least one song on it properly.

Tonight I’ll probably spin up those other rolags I made and lastly some really good news. I found a place to rent! I can’t wait!..only one more week and I can move into my own place!