new fibres and my latest spin

this yarn was spun with my catandsparrow fibre club rolags some finnx fleece from kathys fibres and merino I dyed…

next up I’ve bought more fibre from New Zealand from the lovely Heavenly Wools…I’ll post the fibre breeds and names when I spin them.. Have a great Sunday!✌💛

Sunday spinning

I went and visited my friend Kathy at her art studio yesterday. I’ve been so busy and so has she so we haven’t seen each other in a few months so we had plenty of gossip to share! 😉…

So while I was there I managed to get most of the rolags from my last post spun and I added some assorted blue finnx fleece to the bobbin as well. I’m going to ply it with some other fibres that I’m spinning tonight.

.. I couldn’t help myself!

More fibres for Meeeee! 😁 I joined the Cat & Sparrrow Flora and Fauna monthly fibre club…I now have quite a little fibre stash that this weekend I need to start spinning up!..

The August fibre colours represent the Maltese Rock Centaury, a pretty flower that grows on the cliffs of costal Malta.. sadly its an endangered species due to habitat loss. The blues and green mimic the natural surroundings where these flowers grow…

Fibres for the rolags include BFL, polwarth, tencel and silk neps 💜💚💗

They are super soft and I love the soft colours.

new fibre purchases..

I bought these awesome fibres from a Aussie fibre artist who unfortunately is closing her online business..

I bought 200g of corriedale /silk top and 200g of BFL /super bright trilobal nylon.. the corriedale is from an Aussie bale project and both have the true smell of the sheep that they came from.. They are so soft and I just love them.

Maybe I should have bought more because I did get them for 40% off the sale price!.. #win!