back on my wheel…

I’ve been hideously sick for a while. One of my workmates came down with something, then gave (coughed all over) it to me and in the same day I managed to give it to 5 other work mates!

Some were hospitalised luckily I wasn’t although I did think I was going to die!!

I was bed bound for 3 days and now almost 3 weeks later we are all still getting over it. I can’t believe I only missed one day of work in that time! ..I must be tough or crazy!

So now I’m hoping this annoying lingering chest cough goes away and life will be better!

I’ve managed to get back to my gym routine and feel like spinning again.

I started spinning the singles for this 2ply handspun just before I got sick, and now it’s finally finished.

I’ve made it with the same fibres I used for the coil art yarn I showed in my last post.

I have one more full bobbin of these fibres as singles and I’ll ply them with another fibre that I’ll start spinning tomorrow…

chat soon xx

under the sea..

Just having fun and making more art yarn style yarns this Easter..

I watched Aquaman for the first time this weekend.. The colours in the movie really inspired me to dig in the stash and make some shell shaped spirals.. Im loving them, might make some more!

coils are my new jam!

Oh My Goodness!!.. I think art yarn style yarns are definitely going to be my new style for 2019!..

This is sad considering I’ve been spinning now for at least 14years and always stuck with making standard 2 or 3 ply yarns as that’s what most people seemed to knit with and selling my handspun yarns helps my hobby and allows me to buy more fibres to spin then sell…

I’ve realised today by doing this I’m killing my creative side and so now I’m going to spin and make yarns that I want to make..If they sell that’s great if not I’m not going to worry about it because I can afford to buy fibres to spin it’s not like I can’t and selling them is just an extra bonus..

So today is the day that I finally break free from my own creative chains and head off in a new direction doing what I want and how I want..

Well done Me! 👍😊


I’ve finally got a finished skein of yarn to share…the fibre I showed two posts ago well it’s taken me forever to get it spun due to everyday life getting in the way…

this yarn was meant to be coils and when it came time to ply I completely forgot to ply the way my spinoff 2009 magazine showed me, so now my coils are what I like to call witchettygrubs😂🤣 …oh well its plyed and balanced so I’m sure someone will love it and buy it at the 2019 beanie festival…

Tonight I’ll get out some more fibre & my copy of The spinners book of yarn designs and try some of the yarn ideas in it as I’m thinking of making more art style yarns coming into this new year..