Milky Way & Silk Oats

Last night I plyed up this natural coloured wool free combed top named “milky way”..its a luxury blend of Baby Camel, Suri Alpaca, Soy Fibre, Milk Protein and Black Diamond..

I plyed it with a braid of BFL & Tussah Silk named Silk Oats, both fibres were from catandsparrowfibres.

I’ll reskein the dried yarn & put a pic on here tomorrow.

I’ve got at least 100g of Milky Way singles left on my bobbin so tonight I’m spinning another natural coloured fibre named Camelot.

It consist of super fine merino, baby alpaca, baby camel and tussah silk. I’ll ply these two and post pics soon xx

2 thoughts on “Milky Way & Silk Oats

  1. WOW!! A mix of a lot of beautiful fibres! Can’t wait to see it when it is finished. I have bits of beautiful fibres which by them selves are not enough to do anything with so have been thinking of carding them all together and spinning them up. This last year have not accomplished much in the working with fibre but am going to get my act together this year!!

    1. Hi Betty hope you had a lovely Christmas. I’ve spun up more mixed fibres last night will post pics soon. Looking forward to seeing what you spin and create in the new year!

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