.. I couldn’t help myself!

More fibres for Meeeee! 😁 I joined the Cat & Sparrrow Flora and Fauna monthly fibre club…I now have quite a little fibre stash that this weekend I need to start spinning up!..

The August fibre colours represent the Maltese Rock Centaury, a pretty flower that grows on the cliffs of costal Malta.. sadly its an endangered species due to habitat loss. The blues and green mimic the natural surroundings where these flowers grow…

Fibres for the rolags include BFL, polwarth, tencel and silk neps 💜💚💗

They are super soft and I love the soft colours.

2 thoughts on “.. I couldn’t help myself!

    1. thanks 😊.. I just hope the other colours don’t get washed away into the mauve/ pink too much?

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