busy, busy..

I’m all settled into my new apartment. The garden has been planted out with various seeds I found in the garden shed and I’m happy to say some of them are already sprouting! .. I’ve just gone outside and noticed more varieties have come up overnight so I can’t wait to pick these herbs and vegetables.

I’m making mini beanies for the beanie festival that will be held in town at the end of June. I’m making them with my leftover handspun yarn. I’ll keep making them until I run out of my leftovers.

I’m going to give them all to my girlfriend who has her own art studio and she can sell them to the tourists that visit her store.

bye Wednesday…

Today I was so busy at work and I just didn’t have the energy to go to the gym afterwards. I can barely keep my eyes open but tonight I want to knit on my mini beanies that I’m making. Last night I made 1 in about 3 hours …

I know that’s pretty funny as according to utube you can knit one in 30 mins!.. I am not that fast a knitter and actually I did really make 2 but wasn’t happy with the way my handspun looked so I frogged it and started again. 

I’ll make a few more before I pop some pics on here. I have a few pics of the sunset from the back yard tonight..

It’s starting to get really windy so maybe we will get a light shower out of the storm clouds that are building up. 

speak soon! 

Happy little vegemite!

I spun up the first lot of rolags on Saturday and I’ll ply this bobbin later this week. Love the colours!

Today after work I bought two new books to help me with my ukulele practice. I’ve been slack and not done as much practice as I should do. By the end of this year I want to be able to play at least one song on it properly.

Tonight I’ll probably spin up those other rolags I made and lastly some really good news. I found a place to rent! I can’t wait!..only one more week and I can move into my own place!

Hello 2018!

Happy New Year!.. I’ve made quite a few resolutions to myself for this year and one of them is to do a blog post everyday.

These are the merino and tussah silk and merino silky rose fibre single bobbins that I plyed today. I never ended up plying them on Christmas Eve so today I wanted to get this yarn done so I can now start a new spin for 2018.