Another year later…

I’ve just gone looking for my blog and realised its been a whole year since I posted on here!.. Not a whole lot has happened in this year. In January I moved for work stuck it out for 3 months and quit. I moved back to the NT and started a new job in May and I’m still there.

I’ve been spinning a lot and this year I sold my ladybug wheel and went and bought an Ashford Joy2.

I’ve had 2 other joy wheels over the 12 years Ive been spinning but sold them.

One I sold because I was moving and it was the older style joy. The other I bought new and then I sold it to buy the lady bug. Then I realised if I’m going to continually trip around the countryside then I need a proper collapsible wheel to take with me and so that’s why I bought the joy again. I’m also going to say out of all the wheels I’ve owned the Ashford Joy is my favourite type and I probably shouldn’t of sold the very first one I owned…but you only learn from your mistakes and I’ll never sell her again.

So what else can I tell whoever may be reading this…

I’ve had a weird year so to say and not a very happy one at times especially regarding a friendship/relationship..

I’m not sure what’s going to happen in 2018 as I have this weird urge to just pack up and travel overseas and work..maybe that’s the gypsy Sagittarius in me calling..I try to ignore that inner part of me because I know that feeling isn’t good for my bank balance!.. I just wish I could find a place to feel settled and a job I truly loved… and maybe a genuine person to come into my life and love.. Maybe 2018 will finally deliver what I’m seeking.

Anyway…enough of that. It’s 5 days until my birthday and to celebrate I bought a whole heap of fibre to spin!!.. after all spinning scribbles blog was meant to be writings and pics of my spinning and so far all I can see on here is a whole lot of nothing!

So 2018..will be the year I actually make the effort to blog about my spinning and ofcourse some everyday chitchat.

It’s Saturday the 2nd December 2017 I’m going to stash dive find a yummy fibre braid and head outside into the garden with my spinningwheel, put a movie on and enjoy my day…

Have a great day wherever you are, chat soon!